Solving your Independent Education Questions

The articles below will give you an overview of some of the standard answers to education questions. For a fuller picture come to the Independent Schools Show 2019 on November 9-10 and speak to the schools in person.

Questions for parents to ask schools

Each year Bonas MacFarlane help hundreds of families find the right school for their child. These are the questions they use as a checklist. 

Scholarships and Bursaries: A Quick Guide

The Good Schools Guide's Susan Hamlyn has produced this guide to scholarships and bursaries - which can be worth anything from 5% to 100% of the whole school fee.

What to look for in a Prep School

As the name suggests, the main aim of prep schools is to prepare pupils for entry to independent senior schools at either 11 or 13. 

Nurseries and Pre-preps - what to look for

Whether you go for pre-prep or nursery, the right preschool setting will be one in which your child can thrive, flourish and develop - socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically. But there are no hard and fast rules about which is best,…

Sixth Form entry requirements

Sixth form is without doubt the most competitive entry point, particularly if your child is seeking to move into one of the top independent schools.

Senior School entry requirements

Schools vary in their admissions processes, and when it comes to applying to a senior school, it’s important to be well prepared.

Prep School entry requirements

English, Maths and Reasoning tests, as well as participation in group-based activities, are standard for 7+ or 8+ entry to London day schools.

Nursery & Pre-Prep entry requirements

As most nursery schools are small, it's advisable to register your child as early as possible if you want to be at the top of the waiting list.

The world's most competitive schools

Getting your child into a highly selective independent London school, either at 13+ or at sixth form, is a difficult feat. The city has the fastest improving state schools in the UK, but parents still prefer the private sector. Just…

Saving money on education

It doesn’t take a financial expert to tell you that independent schools burn a hole in any parent’s pocket; according to Lloyds bank, school fees have risen more than 20% since 2012. But it’s not just independent schools that will…

Curriculum choices

What do independent schools teach? This is not a straightforward question. Independent schools are precisely that, independent and self-managing. Schools determine their own programmes of study and which qualifications and examination boards to use. Just as each school has a…


The UK has the world’s most famous boarding schools, many of which are exhibiting at the Independent Schools Show. The Show is an excellent opportunity to meet the world's leading schools, discuss entrance requirements, fees and bursaries, think about taster days,…

How to choose a school

Your child is unique, as is each school. Establishing the right match for your child is one of the most challenging decisions a parent can make. Simply making the decision of private or state is a conundrum in itself, so…

League Tables & ‘Value Added’

Why do some independent schools absent themselves from league tables and what is "value added"? Many parents will be using tables to evaluate the schools present at the Independent Schools Show.  With this in mind, we have provided this guide…

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