BonasMacFarlane squareBonas MacFarlane's approach to school placement has been described by the London Evening Standard as "breathtakingly comprehensive". Meet them on stand 513.

Lucy Hart, Director of Bonas MacFarlane, put together this list for the Show. She told us, "Each family will have their own priorities, but over the years we have built up a list of the basic questions that parents usually ask. It’s now quite a long list, but  parents can use these questions as a checklist to help them focus their search. Many of these questions you will be able to answer by reading the school’s prospectus and website. Others you will need to ask the schools directly."

  Saturday 24 April 2021 10:00-17:00
Sunday 25 April 2021 10:30-16:30

  Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, London, SW8 4NW